Customized software is particularly developed for some small scale business or organization. This software can be contrasted with the use of some software packages developed for mass market like existing free software or commercial off-the-shelf software. Customized software is also called tailor-made or bespoke software. It can be merged with the current system and can be blended with any system in the future according to the requirements without any difficulty. This software reduces risks with enhanced data encryption and security measure. It does not eschew the inherent restrictions of the current tools and gives an opportunity to build and deploy the way it is conceived.
MR IT SOLUTIONs has become a well-known software development company in India which provides error free and remuneratively lucrative customized software for organizations. Our company has made a noticeable name in software company in just 12 years. The strong squad of software developers and designed at software developers and designers at MR IT SOLUTIONs has made this possible. Our customized software is able to deliver almost any desired future needed by a business. We committed to implement our client's idea of perfect software for their businesses. MR IT SOLUTIONs is a one stop solution to customized software development requirements, with resources and experts from different fields all under one roof. We use technologies such as .NET, SQL server, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Linux, Oracle etc.

MR IT SOLUTION's customized software is uniquely designed to meet client's exact requirements so that they can perform tasks faster and accurately. This increases employee confidence and workflow. With our customized software, our clients can work directly with the developers to make enhancements and adjustments when they need it. In the long run, our customized software can be cheaper than out of the box software. Our customized software designed to work with the other systems software, programs, and apps. MR IT SOLUTION's customized software can help the clients to leave their competition by giving them ways to offer more value to their customers. Whether it is an online portal to provide customers web access to information they could not get before or a mobile app to provide them better control over a service our clients give to their customers, our clients can stand out with the help of our customized software. This software opens the door to create ways to interact with contractors and vendors more efficiently. We have seen our customized software solve issues that before seemed impossible. So we can say that MR IT SOLUTION's customized software makes the impossible possible.

Features of MR IT SOLUTION's customized software:

. Flexible- It is flexible in nature.
. Upgradeable- Our customized software is upgradeable.
. Designed specifically- MR IT SOLUTION's customized software is specially designed for small scale business or organization.
. Standard development tool- Our customized software is built with industry standard development tools.
. Incorporate features- Our customized software can incorporate features from other software.
. Scalability- It has a major advantage when it comes to scalability.
. Migration- Whether the client is migrating from other software or is running a current off the shelf software, our software can account for migration of existing records.
. Security- Our designed custom software provides greater levels of security.
. Branding- This software has a vast opportunity for businesses to separate themselves for businesses to separate themselves from their competitors.
. Automation- This is a key attribute of MR IT SOLUTION's customized software.
. Cost-effective- Customized software provided by us is very cost-effective for our clients.

Below are some of the benefits of MR IT SOLUTION's customized software:

. Tailor made- MR IT SOLUTION's customized software is developed to satisfy our client's business requirements. We use latest up to date technology. Any obstacle of the client that appears during the development process can be improved while the formulation of the software with the custom permission and this is the most symbolic benefit of our customized software development.
. Maintenance- With custom application development, GTech web solution's software is maintained for as long as the clients require being.
. Minimum cost- We, MR IT SOLUTIONs, provide quality software with smooth support at a minimum cost.
. Integration- Customized software is a great solution for program integration. Business in requirement of various software programs can enjoy the benefits of operating on one custom software application designed to integrate multiple processes. In this respect GTech web solution's customized software helps our clients to accomplish more of what clients need.
. Support- A major benefit our clients can get with customized software is reliable and efficient technical support plan. They will have full access to our technical support team. So we encounter our client's problem in an efficient manner.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions is a modular software system which is designed to integrate the main functional areas of an organization's business processes into a unified system. It allows an organization to use a single system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate various back office functions related to services, technology and human resources. This software integrates all facts of operations like development, planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing in a single database, user interface and application. From employee payments to single screw coming into the organization, everything is managed and tracked by using ERP solutions. This software is a cross functional software which supports all the business operations within the organization. ERP helps in business processes of many departments and functions through centralized application in the organization.
MR IT SOLUTIONs unified database is the predominant ERP feature that connects the many departments and levels of an organization. With a single source for data that is automatically collected, organized, consolidated and analyzed, our clients can get reliable and accurate information to guide decisions. Clients can generate any kind of reports like sales, financial, inventory, operational, administrative, procurement etc. The analytical capabilities of our ERP solutions greatly support corporate planning by providing detailed insights and needful metrics on business performance and operational status. MR IT SOLUTIONs ERP application simplifies the collaboration method between employees and teams by providing them on demand access to data across the units in the organization.

Our centralized and unified functional structure of ERP application provides visibility and transparency into our client's business. This ERP solution can boost the supply chain, making it more responsive through enhanced inventory management, demand forecasting, efficient procurement among others. A strong managed supply chain opens opportunities for manufacturing innovations and helps to reduce costs. Our ERP solution manages many functions like HR, CRM, e-commerce, financial accounting and others. This software automates tasks and a process thereby greatly reduces effort, time and resources spent on daily, repetitive manual activities. This frees up employee's time to focus on other organizational tasks. MR IT SOLUTIONs ERP software is a unified platform of applications and tools which can dramatically lower IT related expenses like support, administration, application licensing, infrastructure needs and training since users need to learn one system rather than many separate application. It facilitates processes for regulatory compliance by combining and validated data with built in reports.
ERP software, provided by MR IT SOLUTIONs, is designed to process, handle, manage, analyze and unify data across functional units and multiple systems in the organization. Our ERP software automates most business activities; it aids in eliminating errors, facilitates planning and reporting and boosts the teamwork of processes among departments.

Followings are the modules of ERP solutions of MR IT SOLUTIONs:

. Inventory
. Human resource
. Purchase
. Sales and marketing
. Customer relationship management (CRM)
. Finance and accounting
. Supply chain management (SCM)
. Production/ engineering

The 8 stages of ERP implementation life cycle of MR IT SOLUTIONs:

1)  Packages selection
2)  Project planning
3)  Analysis GAP
4)  Re-engineering
5)  Training
6)  Testing
7)  Application
8)  Maintenance