Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) are financial institutes that provide banking services without meeting the legal definition of a bank. The area of NBFC includes managing portfolios of stocks and shares, credit and loan facilities, loan management system, monthly statements, installment deposit system, late fee and penalty calculations in case of defaulters, accounting details, payment history etc. We, MR IT SOLUTION provide NBFC software to simplify the workload of Non-Banking Financial Companies. Our NBFC software is a simplified form of banking software. GTech's designed NBFC software is easy to use, and can be easily understood and integrated in the business activity.

We believe in the optimum use of technology in any business, technology can disrupt the traditional banking players, and the maximum of existing NBFC players in the banking sector not friendly with technology and since they have ha high operating cost. We have integrated every common feature that the NBFC companies need. In addition, we have included several new and highly useful features as per the use of the software to make the software all rounder. The success of the Indian banking system depends on how we are going to use technology in business. GTech has multiple loan management software and ERP. Our custom NBFC software and ERP are for NBFCs which reduce the overall workforce cost, increase custom satisfaction, handle loan inquiry, the end to end management of the lending process.

The need for NBFC software:

Considering the responsibilities of an NBFC, they need to manage and maintain huge amount of financial data on a daily basis. The database includes information of investors and business associates along with millions of financial transactions. The companies are required to maintain the information for future reference. In such a scenario, companies need best NBFC software that can handle sizable data. In addition, software capable for performing additional tasks is a plus. A NBFC loan software with customizable integrations that can satisfy specific client requirements. Features such as SMS/ email, support for multiple users make it versatile.

GTech's modules of the application

FINANCE- It's one of the most crucial modules of this NBFC application that manipulates and manages with all types of loans and keeps our valuable clients up-to-date with the details like account holder, amount of loan, installment date, installment amount, overdue and so forth. The sub-modules of this section are:
Hypothecation etc

Deposits-In the deposit module, our clients are able to manage all the RD, FD, MIS as well as debentures of their customers with its simple and user friendly user interface. The NBFC software keeps them updated with all the information required from time to time. The primary sub-modules under this section are:
Recurring deposit (RD)
Fixed Deposit (FD)
Monthly Installment Scheme (MIS) etc

Accounts-GTech's NBFC software has a powerful and accurate accounting module that offers neat and clean accounting with intelligent features to reduce human-errors. The software provides customized graphical reports on several aspects to enhance profitability of the client's business. The modules under this section are
Financial accounting
Payroll etc

GTech's NBFC software is designed keeping the client's requirements in mind and thus we have incorporated an intelligent feature that provides a clear detail of company's current status by detailed graphical report. Important reports include in the application are:
Accounting detail/ summery report
Payment coupons or monthly statements
Payment history
Miscellaneous charges/ fees report
Account reference listing

Features of NBFC software:

i. Loan management system
ii. Completely web based
iii. Easy NBFC system
iv. Penalty/ late fee calculation
v. Importance reports for NBFC software
vi. Easy installment deposit and many
vii. Installment deposit
viii. Policy allotment
ix. Upcoming due installment
x. Loan payment
xi. Monthly statement
xii. Agent commission statement
xiii. User friendly, powerful and accurate
xiv. Easy payment posting
xv. Partial payment calculation tracking
xvi. Charges/ collects miscellaneous fees
xvii. Charges/ collect fees