Kuri software is a software which provides all accounting reports for a kuri company by entering transaction. For example- the effect of a receipt entered goes to cashbook. Kuri software helps in maintaining all the accounts related works. Sale, purchase, inventory, employee salary management are some of its features. It provides day books, general ledger, ledgers, trial balance, journal register, profit and loss account etc. It simplifies the works of kuri companies.

Kuri software of MR IT SOLUTIONs is a web based application for kuri companies. This software provides secured online access to its members. Members can see amount to be paid along with loan details, next payment information etc. This software allows the user creation as per the permission given by the admin. Our kuri software contains of all the essential features and facilities which needs to streamline client's chit fund activities. MR IT SOLUTIONs kuri software is very simple and easy to understand. A person having basic computer knowledge can be expert of this software in a short time. Our software is designed to systemize the work of the kuri that is being organized by the person who conducts that kuri. It systemizes all the actions that are being carried out by the kuries. This software is efficient for all the organization those organize kuri.

MR IT SOLUTIONs kuri software is a proven quality of kuri management package used by several organizations spread over India. It is a multi user or single package that blends all function modules of kuri business like kuri loan, kuri FD, kuri management, financial accounting etc. The software is fully menu driven and the screens are designed to improve user productivity, user friendliness and ease of use. Our kuri software package is divided into various modules such as kuri fixed deposit, kuri management, financial accounting, pass book loan etc. This kuri management module provides all the needs of kuri schemes like receipts, payment, daily collection, forfeiture, prize money, loan payment, cheque return, loan proceedings etc. The fixed deposit module covers FD payment, FD receipt, FD schedules, FD register etc. As far as financial accounting concern, MR IT SOLUTIONs kuri software follows an uncomplicated accounting procedure with payment, receipt, contra vouchers and journal. It also gives a variety of receipts, schedules and registers such as kuri register, daily collection register, installment register, ticket register, loan register, liability statement, defaulter register, kuri day book, suspense schedule etc.

Features of MR IT SOLUTIONs kuri software:

1) Efficiently handles kuri details
2) Collection wise statement
3) Provides group wise statement
4) Provides subscriber ledger
5) Provides branch wise statement
6) Maintains customer details
7) Prized subscriber list
8) Handles amount collection details
9) Maintains customer details

Benefits of MR IT SOLUTIONs kuri software:

1) Instantly generated reports
2) Shows loan ID wise report
3) Shows date wise reports
4) Shows monthly wise reports
5) Shows customer wise reports
6) Non prized summarized reports
7) Prized summarized reports