Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) are financial institutes that provide banking services without meeting the legal definition of a bank. The area of NBFC includes managing portfolios of stocks and shares, credit and loan facilities, loan management system, monthly statements, installment deposit system, late fee and penalty calculations in case of defaulters, accounting details, payment history etc. We, MR IT SOLUTION provide NBFC software to simplify the workload of Non-Banking Financial Companies. Our NBFC software is a simplified form of banking software. GTech's designed NBFC software is easy to use, and can be easily understood and integrated in the business activity.

We believe in the optimum use of technology in any business, technology can disrupt the traditional banking players, and the maximum of existing NBFC players in the banking sector not friendly with technology and since they have ha high operating cost. We have integrated every common feature that the NBFC companies need. In addition, we have included several new and highly useful features as per the use of the software to make the software all rounder. The success of the Indian banking system depends on how we are going to use technology in business. GTech has multiple loan management software and ERP. Our custom NBFC software and ERP are for NBFCs which reduce the overall workforce cost, increase custom satisfaction, handle loan inquiry, the end to end management of the lending process.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is also called networking marketing, pyramid selling and referral marketing. It is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the Multi-level marketing (MLM) Company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products or services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a binary or pyramid-shaped compensation system.

Multi level management affiliate marketing management tool. In which an admin user can manage a network it users and compensation plan. MLM software provides its end users in the network, ability to see their network status, income and manage their referrals, and payouts. In MLM companies, information related to the compensation and membership is complicated and also endless. The future and current needs of such firms must be matched with the software system. Therefore, the demands of such companies are analyzed well. In short, MLM company able to do the entire business and track the process and progress through the MLM software, like new user registration, product purchasing, transactions etc. Without good MLM software no company can survive or grow. MLM software can be the key to the company's success.

We, MR IT SOLUTIONs, are in the market from 2009. Our MLM software is the best MLM software in India right now with more than 200 clients and 24*7 services. We provide world class MLM software. Our web based version manages MLM software is the key to the client's success. Being a web based software, our MLM software can be managed from anywhere in the world. This MLM software can be integrated with websites or web apps. MR IT SOLUTION's web based MLM software is accessible from any device that support web surfing and responsive to the screen sizes of devices. This software can be integrated with E- commerce systems, so that online product selling can be managed with MLM software. It is designed for client's requirements like custom plans, custom UI etc. We are using .NET, SQL server as backend for our MLM software. That is easy, fast and handy.

MLM software can be considered as fuel of any MLM company, as it is the most important part of MLM industry. Now a day no MLM company can start its working without MLM software. MR IT SOLUTION's MLM software is designed to do the tasks for company and provide them ease of working so that they can focus more on their core work, which is sales and marketing and not to worry about doing these tasks manually. MR IT SOLUTION's MLM software is crafted by a group of IT professionals with deep knowledge in multi level marketing and its successful algorithms. We provide all services related to MLM software.

Our MLM software must be capable of the followings:

. Support custom MLM compensation plans- MLM software must be capable of supporting custom compensation plans.
. Joining system- MLM software must be capable of adding new users to the system via referral or direct registration (as per client requires).
. Voucher system- A good MLM must be capable of generating, updating and processing vouchers.
. Graphical representation- MLM software should be able to graphically represent users in the system, like a tree view.
. E-Wallet management- This MLM software must be using the virtual store system like e-wallet. It adds more stability and security to the system.
. Payout management- MLM software must be able to provide payout management to users and admin in the system.
. Commission management- Commission management is an unavoidable part of MLM software. Admin can set commission, or update.
. Report- MLM software should be able to generate reports. Like joining report, voucher report and e-wallet report etc.
. Key features of GTech's MLM software- With MR IT SOLUTION's easy and simple to use customization features, business owners can easily customize these so that MLM Company will have the full control over the features of their MLM software. Our valuable clients can also get customization services for the existing features and developing new features as per the requirement from the MLM Company.

MR IT SOLUTION's MLM software has following features:

1) Product management- End to end management of the product in the software is a benefit as our client can manage and track the down-line from one place. Also our clients can calculate the compensation and record the bonus in the software.
2) Full responsive- We provide very attractive, fully functional and a completely responsive website for clients MLM plan. The better the website the better impression it makes on our client's customers and keeping this in mind we make a best website.
3) SMS panel- An SMS panel lets our clients keep a track on their earnings as it is sends timely notifications and alerts. The SMS keeps them updated.
4) E-pin generator- MLM vibes gives utmost importance to security. We provide with an e-pin generator so that there are less or no changes of security breach. The e-pin generator is a must in order to prevent misdoings in the transactions.
5) E-wallet controlling- MLM vibes provides our clients with a fully functional e-wallet which is capable of storing and transferring the money from one to another.
6) Genealogy tree- Genealogy tree is a user-friendly approach to represent the down-line members under one person. It describes of them structure in the form of a tree.
7) Clean and classic dashboard- Classic back office, where the featured are placed for the easy access. Complete system overview in the dashboard. Easy navigation for easy operations.
8) Full responsive- Back office works well in with all screen sizes. Clients can do the business anywhere with any devices.
9) Down-line and up-line listing- A complete listing of down-line and up-line network members. Can send internal messages and SMS to the complete team.
10) Change sponsor and repositioning- The business administrators can set different sponsor for a particular member. The rank and team structure will update after this.
11) Multiple network view- Many options are available to explore the team. Users can use convenient option to explore their network.
12) Sponsored member listing- A separate listing of client's sponsored team members. Filter the listing using different parameters.
13) Customizable profit picture and wall- Members can set their photos and wallpapers. Dedicated profile page for each user. Option to hide private information.
14) Network and team explorer- Unique interface to explore the complete team and levels on one screen. Easy to access all the levels and understand the team structure.
15) Rank advancement- The very popular feature where the team members promoted to next level when meeting certain achievement.
16) Custom rules for ranking- The business team can set different rules and criteria for the rank advancement. All the rules are configurable.
17) Multiple payout options- Multiple payout options are available to make transactions. E-wallet payment, credit card etc.
18) Theme switcher- The user can change the look-and-feel of the back office. They can set their colour scheme for the back office software.
19) Income and expenses report- A complete report on the income and expenses are available with the back office. Business administrator can monitor all member transactions.
20) Track activities- All the activities and transactions are traceable. All events are logged for the feature reviews.
21) Multiple compensations- Multiple compensations options are available in bulk-office, where the administrator can enable and disable rewards like sponsor bonus, level bonus, E commerce, sales commission etc.
22) Configurable compensations- All the compensation rules and the percentages are configurable. The administrator has the full control over the benefits.
23) Customizable business plan- Business plans are customizable send easy to switch to new plan without any side-effects.
24) Business turnover and expenses- Real-time transaction helps the business team to understand the turnover and profitability of the business.
25) Unlimited members- The back office system is scalable to handle unlimited business transactions and can accommodate members.
26) Manage user types- Multiple user types, and access control system to grant specific privileges to specific user type.
27) Transaction failure and recovery- Track transaction failures and recovery of the failed transactions. Refund option for the failed transactions.
28) Lead capturing- Integrated lead capturing system to capture new business leads. Integrated CRM system and lead conversion lifecycle.