Employee's credit co-operative society (ECCS) is a form of co-operative wherein the resources are generated within the society by way of collecting thrift, share capital and other savings schemes, unlike other credit organizations where they massively depend upon external financial institution for smooth functioning of their credit business actions. ECCS aims to assemble savings and help its members to obtain credit concerns and to prepare finance schemes for enrichment of financial position of members. It is govern by laws. Its financial activities are same as banks. ECCS accumulate deposit from member in many ways like fixed deposit (FD), recurring deposit (RD), savings account, insurance schemes, member shares etc. The needy members of these societies can take money as loan. Normally interest rate on loan is higher than given on deposit which is the profit of the society. These societies's profit margin is very low because their purpose is not to earn profit but it is for the interest of its members. ECCS is registered at district level under district register office of state government.

MR IT SOLUTION's employees co-operative credit society software is a plug and play solution that provides the core banking requirements of ECCS. Our ECCS software is extraordinarily parameterized and allows excellent control on operational functions and enables immediate customization to meet organizational commitment of co-operatives. This software has all the features required to run an ECCS and we give round the clock support to our worthy clients. Society members can avail facilities through mobile app, website etc. Our designed software can seamlessly integrate with third party systems.

This software cross platform compatibility, ease of deployment. MR IT SOLUTION's ECCS role based access control software ensures that only authorized users have access to specific modules. Our future proof ECCS software can be seamlessly integrated with other applications with robust architecture and scalability which ensures protection of our client's investment.

Employee's credit co-operative society requires perfect recovery sheet which is branch, division, department or group wise. By MR IT SOLUTION's ECCS software is automatic posted the recovery sheet to the company's HR department or pay centre for direct deduction of loan, C.S., M.R., interest etc. So it reduces days work in seconds and posting of all people's all account is done automatically. Printing wise receipt printing is possible with the help of our software.

Our ECCS software can adapt changes easily. For example if division or branch of some person is changed, the software can easily transfer the person's division. If needed recovery sheet's column, header, footer etc can be modify and design quickly without any difficulty. In case of several changes in deposit schemes, new scheme or loan is started, the software can just a few minute to adapt the modification. So, MR IT SOLUTION's ECCS software is changeable and fully dynamic with future needs. Our clients can get various reports through our ECCS software.

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