Urban Co-operative Society Bank Software

In the starting of 20th century, availability of credit in India, mostly in rural areas, was almost missing. Agricultural and other linked activities cannot access organised and institutional credit. The rural people were forced to depend completely on the money lenders, who lent them money at high rates of interest often.

The co-operative banks emerged in India in the starting of 20th Century with an objective to make a new type of institution depending on the principle of co-operative organisation and management. They are suitable to address problems specifically related to Indian conditions. These banks were considered as alternatives for money lenders, to offer short-term and long-term credit at reasonable rates of interest.

Co-operative Banks are managed on the principal of co-operation and mutual help. They function with the guideline of "one member, one vote". They follow "no profit, no loss" strategy. As a principle, co-operative banks do not follow the objective of profit maximisation.

Co-operative bank accomplishes all the major banking jobs of mobilising deposit, delivering credit and provision of remittance services. Co-operative Banks offer certain banking products and are professionals in agriculture associated products. On the other hand, co-operative banks now offer housing loans also.

MR IT SOLUTIONs Private Limited offers software solutions for both urban co-operative society / bank. Most recently co-operative / banking industry is encountering a vast transformation which is caused by the advent of internet, cloud computing, changing focus on customer values, new hardware and software technologies, strict regulatory rules and cut-throat competitions.

Who can use our software?

Our software is developed for urban co-operative society or bank and cater their unique needs like interest subvention, shared ownership, finance products and micro-savings products that suite farming, agricultural, handicraft and small-scale businesses. We have customized our co-operative or banking software in order to meet the needs of the following units :

Urban Co-operative Bank
Urban Co-operative Credit Society
Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
Primary Agriculture Credit Society and others

Why use our software?

Scalable, reliable, and secure software
Customer focussed solution
Daily and periodic functions
Generation of report and distribution
Maintenance and support of software
Assured uptime for software and services
Service level agreement

Our Support

MR IT SOLUTIONs provides its clients with support for the Software Application and other related issues. Our support involves the following :

Online Support
Phone Support
Email Support
Software-oriented demonstration

We at MR IT SOLUTIONs address unique needs like members owned unit and management, small and micro businesses concentrating on regional competencies, vast customer base involved agriculture and associated actions. We work in related rural and micro banking sectors and our solution is meant to offer a scalable and contemporary technology platform with out-of-the-box and comprehensive features.