Android is an open source mobile operating system with massive user base and simplified mobile app development process. An Android app is a software application running on Android platform. Android platform is built for mobile devices. A typical Android app is designed for a tablet, a Smartphone or PC running on Android OS. Android apps are written in the Java programming language and use Java core libraries. This app can be made available by developers through their websites. Android apps are uploaded and published on the Android market. The Android market features both priced and free apps. Enterprises are leveraging Android and creating custom mobile apps that solves their customer problems and boost up the value for their business. The Android operating system is a multi-user Linux system in which each app is a different user.
MR IT SOLUTIONs is a comprehensive android app development company in India. We provide solutions for the integrated mobile app development cycle, right from perception to marketing. Our developers are well versed in extending end to end android app development services. As an android app development company in India, our development strategies and services are fully in-house with secured infrastructure. App process of MR IT SOLUTIONs adheres to agile development methodology process that delivers transparency and minimizes risk. Our developers handle the app store submission process with searchable descriptions, efficient listing and assets.

MR IT SOLUTIONs understands and makes sense of the client needs along with the app idea before determining the next steps. Our designers are adept in designing mobile apps for varied platforms balancing aesthetics with features in harmony. Our apps are integrated with existing enterprise systems to simply slow of information, aligned with system compatibility measures and without posing confidentiality issues. Team of MR IT SOLUTIONs app developers is keen to explore the latest versions of platforms to develop apps with robust code.

Features of Android App of MR IT SOLUTIONs:

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards
Simplicity in design
Applied data science and machine learning
Ongoing evolution
Cross platform coverage
Integration of augmented reality
More security
Quality performance
Focus on business driven solutions
Interoperability with modern connectivity standards
Integration with bigger ecosystems

Benefits of android app of MR IT SOLUTIONs:

. Higher ROI- We, MR IT SOLUTIONs, broadly classify our development cycle into three phases. Those are app design and development, app testing and app deployment. The entire development cycle is not much pricey. Our customized app offers a higher ROI with lower price to our clients.
. Easy customization- Our android is a versatile platform with easy customization options and a high flexibility. Our clients get an innovative and interesting enterprise app with diverse functionalities.
. Installation of custom ROMs- It is easy to change the app's appearance and performance with custom ROMs. Clients can customize the android devices as per their business model and strategies by installing custom ROMs.
. Reduced time to market- It is important for our clients to come up with a business app as soon as possible to get a competitive edge over their rivals. Our android app development tools can facilitate a quicker development with an easy integration of desired features.
. Hardware compatible- Our android runs on devices with varied hardware configurations. This ensures great performance to the users irrespective of the device which is used.

Android app life cycle:

. on Create
. on Start
. on Resume
. on Pause
. on Stop
. on Destroy

Different types of android app of MR IT SOLUTIONs:

Native apps
Hybrid apps
Web apps

Why android app popular now a days :

Android is an open source mobile operating system with simplified and fantastic user base mobile app development process. Companies are applying this platform and building custom mobile apps which solves client obstacles and rise value for their business. Android application is one of the most attractive trends that are accelerating these days with glorious speed. The basic reason behind android development famous is that the software development has become smooth and has supremacy to emergence of some good apps.

Android application development is beneficial technology and helps many organizations to reach their clients quickly and nicely. As everyone all around the world is operating smart phones, MR IT SOLUTIONs helps to excel in developing quality android apps. There are many advantages of using android application for any business now a day.

The magic of android provides an open source platform and it is the most excellent technology framework offered by the android community. It gives the opportunity to interact with the community of the forthcoming growth of android mobile application development. This application is scripted in Java language which gives a rich set of libraries. Anyone can build android application as per their business requirement. If anyone wants customized and user friendly platform with their clients and rise their business appropriate solution. Android relatively has a little investment but high ROI. Unlike other mobile platforms, android applications can be set up in various ways.